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Overview of LMPC Certification

What are Pre-Packaged Goods?

In India, the import, sale, and distribution of pre-packaged goods are all governed by the Legal Metrology Act 2009 and Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011. A pre-packaged product is any item assembled in advance and packaged without any customer. The Act regulates the exchange of items distributed or sold by weight, measure, or number. The Act aims to encourage fair trade practices and safeguard consumer rights by establishing stringent rules and regulations, notably for pre-packaged goods. Full form of LMPC is Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities. Which clearly indicates that LMPC license is applicable on all types of packed items sold in the market.

Pre-packaged products include, for instance, baby food, gasoline, food items, paint, bagged cement, cables, wires, chemicals, wool, and so forth.

Trade conflicts are eliminated when the measurement is subject to regulatory monitoring. For instance, if a customer purchases 1 kilogram of lentils, they should receive exactly that amount and nothing less. Legal metrology also ensures catering to international standards using fundamental measuring tools.

LMPC certificate is generated under rule 27 of the Legal Metrology ( Packed Commodities ) Rules,2011.It ensures that the product has adequate details on its MRP label to educate the consumers about the product they are willing to purchase. It is granted in three categories, namely:

1.) Importers
2.) Manufacturer and Packer
3.) Packer


LMPC registration is applicable to traders who intend to import pre-packaged goods for sale or distribution. They have to apply for it online at the National Single Window System or NSWS.If the application is approved, the director/controller of legal metrology (the registering authority) will register the importer's name and address and issue a certificate. Validity of the certificate granted is perpetual i.e. it does not have any end date and it is neither mentioned on the certificate received.

Earlier the application was to be submitted to the state metrology department, now the same has to be applied through LMPC online Registration portal to Krishi Bhawan in New Delhi, and the certificate issued is valid for sales PAN India.
The above details are same for manufacturers and packers too.

Details to be mentioned on products as per Legal Metrology rules are as follows:

The ensure that the consumer has enough details on the MRP label that is required to educate them about the product, below are the guidelines on details to be mentioned:

-Name and address of the manufacturer / Name and address of the importer.
-Name of goods contained in the package
-Country of import ( in case of importer )
-Total quantity of with respect to standard units of weights or measurement ( Like Kg , meters, etc.)
-Date of import ( in case of importer )
-Manufacturing Date
-Maximum Retail Price (MRP) with rounded up decimals and inclusive of all taxes.
-Dimension of goods ( If applicable )
-Email id and Phone number of a concerned person or office in case of any consumer complaints , etc,

The declaration must adhere to a predetermined structure in order to be presented on the box, whether it is printed in Hindi or English.

The Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules include fines of up to Rs. 25,000 for violations depending upon the nature of the product and the firm committing the violation of law. Additionally, a late fee will be assessed if an importer requests for an LMPC certificate more than 90 days after beginning imports.

Note: The BIS license legibly and clearly marks the scope in the license, mentioning the products on which you can mention the license number, Violation of the same ensures stringent actions like license being canceled.
There areprovisions of upto imprisonment in BIS regulations.

Where Should We Apply for LMPC Registration?

To obtain an LMPC certificate online, the application has to be submitted on the National Single Window System ( NSWS ) with the requisite fee and the documents related to the products and the firm importing / manufacturing / packing those products.

Documents Required

1. Importer Exporter Code (IEC) ( for importers only )
2. GST Registration Certificate
3. Proof of Identity & Address
4. Aadhaar Number of applicant / authorized signatory
5. Sample of declaration (label) to be placed on the commodity
6. Registered partnership deed in case of partnership firm/ memorandum of articles in case of company, etc.

To get the exact details , kindly contact our experts on the details as below: Email : , Phone : +91-9958575407 , +91-9315973373

Procedure to apply for LMPC certificate online:

1. Preparation of documents as per the guidelines
2. Making the label that has all the information as per the rules
3. Creation of login credentials on NSWS portal
4. Submission of the application
4. Payment of government fees
5. Clearing of queries if any raised by the department.
6. Grant of certificate.

Note: 1.) After the certification is complete, a registration number is generated which may also be mentioned on the products.

2.) In case of imports, the certificate also has to be submitted with the Bill of Entry ( BOE ) to custom officials.

3.) Timeline : If you apply through us, we can get the registration done within 3-4 working days, irrespective of importer / manufacturer / packer

Why Importers need LMPC?

If you don't have an LMPC certificate or don't follow the declaration guidelines, customs may hold your imported products. A customs seizure might cause delays, costs, and other problems, so be careful to register as an importer before your products arrive in India.

After completion of LMPC registration online and complying with the norms of MRP label, the importer / manufacturer / packer can sell the products in the Indian market without any hassle

Rule Violations and Penalties

Provisions of different combinations of penalties, depending upon the extent of violations have been laid down by the department, ranging from INR 4,000 - 25,000 or provisions of imprisonment are also present on subsequent violation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Government fees to be paid online is INR 500.

Legal Metrology Packaged Certification

It refers to the registration of importers / manufacturers / packers under Legal metrology ( packed commodities ) rules 2011.

After applying for an LMPC certificate online, the registration is granted by the legal metrology department in Krishi Bawan, Delhi. To apply for LMPC registration online , the application has to be done through the NSWS portal.There is no validity of LMPC license, it is valid for perpetuity.

Sun Consultants & Engineers can help in obtaining LMPC online registration in the easiest and smoothest way possible, with our streamlined processes and coordination, this short journey is like a cake-walk.