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Overview of BEE Registration

BEE Registration Certification

A BEE ( bureau of energy efficiency ) -rating certificate is a document that indicates the product’s level of BEE compliance. A level one contributor is the highest achievable status and the lowest level of BEE compliance is level eight. The higher the BEE status level, the stronger a company is in relation to its competition. Companies should aim to achieve a higher status level annually.


BEE sets the standards and label for marking star-rating of various appliances( BEE label on electronics ). They also define the testing and certification procedures for all kinds of appliances. When manufacturers make a new model and they want to get their product certified, they do the tests for their appliance as per the procedures designed by BEE and apply for star certification with the data from the tests. Based on the test data BEE provides a star rating for appliances. BEE keeps on refining the standards and certification procedures periodically.

Who can Apply

All manufacturers, either of Indian or foreign origin can apply for the CDSCO licence.In case of foreign manufacturer license will be granted to the manufacturer and the Indian counterpart of the manufacturer will act as it’s Indian Representative. The Indian representative of the manufacturer must have a valid state drugs license under Form 20-B/21-B or Form 42 ( applied under Form 41 ) as per the latest guidelines released by CDSCO.

SClassification of medical devices as per regulations:

All types of medical devices are divided into 4 classes by the Medical Device Rules 2017, in 4 main categories, namely

1. Class A ( least risk )
2. Class B ( Moderate risk )
3. Class C ( Moderate to high risk )
4. Class D ( High risk )

Class A products are further divided into 2 categories to ascertain if CDSCO license or CDSCO registration is applicable on the product:

a.) Class A ( non sterile and non measuring ) products come under registration scheme.
b.) Class A ( Sterile or measuring ) products require license.

This brings us to the conclusion that products which are under class A ( sterile or measuring ), Class B, Class C and Class D require a license from CDSCO.


Product needs a BEE-rating certificate to prove their level of performance and electricity consumption status. The certificate includes indicators about product efficiency and performance as per electricity consumption. The certificate is valid for a year and renewed annually based on evidence submitted for BEE implementation during the period under measurement. Companies can use their BEE-rating certificate to claim product quality among other suppliers. If you don’t have a BEE-rating certificate, your customers will look for a BEE compliant supplier. It is important for companies to aim to achieve and maintain a level one status to remain competitive. Stickers issued by BEE are to be pasted on the product certified to depict star rating on electrical appliances.




Validity : Validity of CDSCO online registration is perpetual i.e. no end date and requires no renewal.

Note : After the registration is completed, a unique file number is generated, which has to be mentioned on the product / packaging, in case of registration there is no certificate

Process for CDSCO license :

  • Identifying the class of the medical device.
  • Making groups as per the guidelines mentioned as per CDSCO guidelines.
  • Creation of login credentials for the manufacturer.
  • Collection of documents from the overseas manufacturer.
  • Collection of documents from Indian importer.
  • Checking and vetting of documents as per the rules.
  • Payment of government fees.
  • Submission of Application online.
  • Clearing of queries ( if any )
  • Audit of the firm.
  • Clearing of queries ( if any ) after the audit.
  • Grant of license
  • Generation of CDSCO certificate.

Timeline : Approx 6-8 weeks after submission of application.

Validity : It is granted for 5 years initially and has to be renewed after that by paying the government fees.

Note: 1.) In case of CDSCO import license, AUDIT OF THE FOREIGN MANUFACTURER IS NOT CONDUCTED, and rest of the procedure remains the same.
2.) License number mentioned on the CDSCO registration certificate has to be mentioned on the products / packaging.
3.) Test license is also required in case of Indian manufacturers.

Role of Sun Consultants & Engineers as CDSCO license consultants:

As CDSCO registration consultants, our job is to ensure that the tiring procedures that we have listed above become a cake-walk for you. Right from the beginning i.e. from the stage of collection of documents from the foreign manufacturers or preparation of documents for the Indian manufacturer and following up with the department for grant of license is under our scope.

We are one of the most experienced CDSCO consultants in the field of medical products,we provide apex quality of services possible to all our national and international clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CDSCO stands for Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (which comes under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare), which is headquartered in Delhi. All the manufacturers through CDSCO online registration portal can apply for certification

To obtain CDSCO license for medical products, online application has to be made on the department’s portal.

The primary stage is to see in which class ( A, B, C or D ) your products are lying and what documents are required for your product, then the application has to be filed, and after completing the CDSCO registration process , CDSCO registration certificate or the registration number is generated, which has to be mentioned on the products.

CDSCO registration is only applicable on the products that fall under Class A ( non-measuring and non-sterile ), and it can be obtained by registering the products on an online portal.

Products under class A and class B are under mandatory CDSCO certification from 1st October 2022 and products under class C and D will be under mandatory certification from 1st October 2023. CDSCO license has to be taken for products under Class A ( measuring and sterile ), Class B , Class C and Class D

CDSCO has 6 zonal offices in India namely at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ghaziabad, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad and various other sub-zonal offices.

CDSCO consultants or CDSCO license consultants help the manufacturers to obtain the certification with ease and within the timeframe, as they are experts in this field and have deep technical know-how of the procedure and documentation required.