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ISI Registration Certification

ISI stands for Indian Standards Institution. ISI certification refers to the scheme under which Bureau of Indian Standards ( BIS ) grants ISI mark to Indian and Foreign manufacturers on the basis of the Indian Standard ( IS ) applicable on their product.

Advantages of ISI Certification

ISI Certification

Advantages of Isi certifications are as below:

  • Assures product quality
  • Gives a chance for development of product as per the national and international standards
  • Makes exports easier as the product is compliant to national standards
  • Helps you in quoting in government tenders (In case of Mandatory products
  • Regular testing as per the standards assures that the products produced throughout are matching the quality standards

Major Documents for Availing ISI Certification

Major documents required by the manufacturer for application process of the ISI certification are as follows:

ISI Registration

How to Obtain ISI Certification – Procedure

Stages in obtaining ISI licence are as follows:
  • Selection of the Indian Standard ( IS ) applicable on the product
  • Getting the product tested as per IS from BIS approved lab
  • Submission of application documents along with the test reports on the BIS website
  • Clearing of queries if any from the department
  • Allotment of officer for conducting primary inspection at the manufacturing unit.
  • Sealing of samples during the audit to be sent to BIS lab for re-confirmation by BIS.
  • Clearing of queries if any raised during the inspection
  • Grant of licence.


After the submission of application maximum time in which the BIS licence is granted is 30 days.


Initially the ISI licence is granted for 1 year and after that it can be renewed for upto 5 years with paying the required fees.

Vital Reasons for the Rejection of the ISI Application./licence.

Some reasons due to which the ISI application can be rejected:

  • If the queries are not replied within the stipulated time period as mentioned by BIS in their communication
  • If the manufacturer is not able to produce some mandatory documents as requested by BIS
  • Failing of sample which is sent to testing after the audit can lead to “Stop marking “ of the licence
  • Failure of market sample that is picked and sent for independent testing by BIS.
  • Not marking the products with marking requirements as per the standard.
  • Non-maintenance of in-house test records as per the scheme of inspection and Testing.
  • Marking the products with ISI mark which are not mentioned in the scope of licence
  • Continuing with production of your licence is under stop marking due to various reasons
  • Calibrations not up-to date
  • Malfunctioning instruments in in-house labs.

SunConsultants Assistance for ISI Certification

From collection of documents to getting the final registration / licence is an exhaustive and tedious procedure, and requires technical know-how and experience, this is exactly where Sun Consultants and Engineers come into the picture

With over 7 years of experience in this field and after providing assistance to numerous manufacturers and importers we can help you in smoothening of this process, by complete hand-holding solution, right from the beginning of the procedure to the grant of registration/licence.

Below is the scope of work of Sun Consultants & Engineers:

  • ✔ Preparation of documents as per BIS guidelines
  • ✔ Submission of application to the department
  • ✔ Clearing the queries from BIS (if any ).
  • ✔ Coordinating with the BIS official and the manufacturer for audit dates.
  • ✔ Assistance during the audit
  • ✔ Follow-up with the department for grant of licence
  • ✔ Technical assistance for the setup of in-house lab as per the standard requirements
  • ✔ Making the manufacturer aware of the in-house testing records that are to be maintained after the licence is granted.


I. What is ISI?
ISI Standards for Indian Standards Institution , a scheme under which the licence is granted to the applicant manufacturer for ISI mark
II. Who issues ISI Certificate?
ISI Certificate is issued by Bureau of Indian Standards ( BIS )
III. Who can use ISI Mark Certificate in India?
Only the Manufacturers either Indian or foreign who has a licence under ISI certification can use ISI mark in India on their products
IV. What is the penalty imposed for misusing anISI Mark?
As per Section 33 of BIS act 1986, Imprisonment of upto 1 year or fine of INR 50,000 or both as decided by the court is imposed for misuse of ISI mark
V. Is ISI Mark different from BIS Hallmark and Agmark?
ISI Mark is applicable on variety of products ranging from electrical products to toys, cement, chemicals, etc, whereas BIS hallmark is applicable only on gold and silver jewellery and Agmark is applicable only on agricultural products

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