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Legal Metrology Certificate
What is Legal Metrology?

Means that part Metrology which treats units of weighment and measurement, methods weighment and measurement and weighing and measuring instruments in relation to the mandatory technical and legal requirement which have the object of ensuring public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of weighment and measurement.

Is there any license to manufacture, sale or repair weights and measures?

Yes, the Department issues license to the manufacturer, dealer and repairer of weights &measures for dealing in weighing & measuring instruments, the license is a must.

How can consumer ensure that any weight & measure is standard or not?

Every weight &measures is manufactured as per the specification and model laid down by the Govt. of India. Weight & measures used by the traders are verified & stamped by the Inspector of the Legal Metrology Department, after due verification, with a seal for ensuring the integrity of the stamp of Inspector and quarter in which it is verified.

Who is the competent authority to grant license?

Controller of Legal Metrology Department is the competent authority to grant the license. Application for license should be submitted to the Inspector of Legal metrology who will inspect the firm and forward the same to Controller of Legal Metrology with recommendation for consideration

Can a person sell or use unstamped weights or measures?

No, weights or measure shall be sold or offered, exposed or possessed for sale or used or kept for use in any transaction or for protection unless it has been verified & stamped that too by a licensed manufacturer/dealer of Legal Metrology Officer.

Is the license issued under Legal Metrology Act transferable?

No, Al License issued or renewed under this Act is not saleable or otherwise transferable.

Is it necessary to display the certificate of verification?

It is necessary to display every certificate of verification granted under the Act at a conspicuous place in the premises where such weights or measures are being, or intended or likely to be used in any transaction or for protection.

What is the penalty if a person fails to get the weights or measure verified or re verified in due time?

Whoever, being required to present any weight or measure for verification or re-verification, omits or fails without any reasonable cause to do so, shall be punished with heavy fine which vary from state to state in India and such weight or measure can be seized on inspection.

Who is the competent authority to register any person who intends to import or export any weights & measures?

Every person who intends to import/export any weight &measure needs to register himself with Department of Legal Metrology, Government of India as importer/exporter.

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