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FMCS Certification

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Foreign manufacturer Certification scheme refers to the scheme of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in which product certification for ISI mark is granted. This scheme was started by the Bureau of Indian Standards in year 2000 and till date there are approx., 1,100 licensees under this scheme. The department concerned for FMCS is foreign manufacturer Certification Department (FMCD) and is present in theheadquarter of BIS in New Delhi.

Just like for Indian Manufacturers have to take ISI mark for their products, for foreign manufacturers exporting their products which are covered under mandatory / voluntary certification to India require a licence from FMCD for ISI mark.

Over 350 products under various Indian Standards (IS) are covered as on date. As soon as the BIS certificate is obtained by the foreign manufacturer they can start exporting their products to India with the licence number present on their products.

Is obtaining an FMCS BIS certificate mandatory?

No, obtaining FMCS BIS licence is not mandatory for all the products, it must be mandatorily obtained on the products enlisted by BIS on their website according their corresponding Indian Standards.

The list of products can be accessed at

Mandatory Product Covered Under Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme

The list of mandatory products that are covered under FMCS scheme can be accessed at

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Documents Required For FMCS BIS Certification ✔

Most of the documents that are required to apply for FMCS are required from the manufacturer’s end and certain documents of the Authorized Indian Representative are also required, Brief list of documents that are required from the manufacturers are as below:

EPR Certificate For Import

All of the above documents are required in certain formats given by BIS which are to be submitted during the application.

Process of Obtaining Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme

Stage-1: The application must be submitted with all the required documents at the concerned department. ( Along with complete details of in-house lab )

Stage-2: The application will be scrutinized by BIS officials and then the shortcomings will be communicated to the manufacturer and it’s Authorized Indian Representative ( AIR )

Stage-3: After clearing of the queries, inspection officer will be assigned and on a mutual date decided between the manufacturer and the BIS official audit will be conducted physically.

Stage-4: Inspection will be done at the manufacturer’s premises along with testing of samples at the in-house lab and the sample will be drawn to be sent to BIS lab for testing as per the Indian standard to check if the product is compliant.

Stage-5: If any queries are raised during the inspection are to be cleared and if the sample passes which was sent to the lab during the inspection then the licence is granted.

Stage-6: Immediately after that a bank guarantee of USD 10,000 has to be submitted by the manufacturer to BIS which must have it’s validity as per BIS norms and will remain with BIS till the licence is operational.

How will SunConsultants help you?

From collection of documents to getting the final registration / licence is an exhaustive and tedious procedure, and requires technical know-how and experience, this is exactly where Sun Consultants and Engineers come into the picture.

With over 7 years of experience in this field and after providing assistance to numerous manufacturers and importers we can help you in smoothening of this process, by complete hand-holding solution, right from the beginning of the procedure to the grant of registration/licence.

Below is the scope of work of Sun Consultants & Engineers:
  • Preparation of documents as per BIS guidelines.
  • Submission of application to the department
  • Clearing the queries from BIS ( if any ).
  • Coordinating with the BIS official and the manufacturer for audit dates
  • Assistance during the audit
  • Follow-up with the department for grant of licence
  • Technical assistance for the setup of in-house lab as per the standard requirements
  • Making the manufacturer aware of the in-house testing records that are to be
  • maintained after the licence is granted.
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I. What is FMCS
FMCS is a product certification scheme that comes under Bureau of Indian Standard under which products are granted ISI mark which are produced by foreign manufacturers and exported to India.
II. How do i get BIS FMCS License & BIS ISI Mark in India
To get the licence as per BIS FMCS and BIS ISI Mark application to the department has to be made with all the relevant documents and the procedure explained above has to be followed
III. Can i submit a single application for multiple products / IS
being manufactured at the same company.
No, application to be submitted to the FMCS department has to be per Indian Standard. Which simple means 1 product = 1 Indian Standard = 1 licence
IV. Validity of the BIS FMCS License.
The licence will be initially granted for 1year and after that the licence can be renewed for upto 2 years
V. For which product BIS FMCS License is mandatory.
The list of mandatory products that are covered under FMCS scheme can be accessed at
VI. Requirements for the renewal of the License
For renewal of the licence documentation as per the regulations like the production done through out the year, consignee details to whom the goods are sold, etc. are the documents to be submitted


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