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Plastic Waste Registration Certification

Plastic Waste Management Certificate

What is plastic waste management system?

The initiative aims to establish environment-friendly plastic waste disposal solutions. In the process it seeks to ban the use of plastic bags and plastic products, and reduce plastic littering across the state.

It has been observed that disposal of plastic waste is a serious concern due toimproper collection and segregation system. Only 60% of the plastic produced is recycled, balance 9400 Tones of plastic is left unattended in environment causing land, air and water pollution


The Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 make an arrangement to reduce the negative impact on the environment-related to plastic waste, if we talk about these days scenario plastic is a vital material and almost impossible to ban. Under the PWM rules, authorities such Urban Local Bodies should provide separate collection, storage, and processing of plastic waste in respected areas.

  1. Plastic has reached in a rural area and therefore it expands the jurisdiction of applicability from the municipal area to rural areas

  2. To set responsibilities to producer and generator of plastic waste to take back waste from the market in respect of their target as Extended producer responsibility (EPR)

  3. To promote use of plastic waste for road construction as per Indian Road Congress guidelines or energy recovery, or waste to oil etc.

  4. Monitor and facilitate to use of more than 50 micron plastic carry bag

  5. To create awareness in the civil societies to minimize the use of plastic
Plastic Waste Management


1. Units Engaged in Processing or Recycling of Plastic Waste
2. Producers or Brand Owners of plastic products
3. Manufacturers of Plastic Raw Materials

What are the documents Required for Certificate

1. Authorization Letter (except Proprietorship)

2. Layout Plan

3. Agreement with Authorized Recycler

4. Rent Agreement/Proof of Location

5. Pan card and Aadhar Card of Authorized person

6. Consent to Operate (CTO) from State Pollution Control Authority

7. Cost of project