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BIS CRS Registration Certification

BIS Stands for Bureau of Indian Standards and CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme. CRS is a product registration scheme under BIS which was originally launched for Electronic goods under which later on Electrical and other types of goods also have been included.

The order was released for implementation in the year 2012 and since then the products are added in a phase-wise manner in this scheme over the years. After the recent notifications a total of 79 products under various Indian Standards are covered under this scheme.

Gazette notifications are released by various ministries to make product registration mandatory under this scheme.

CRS Registration

CRS under BIS?

CRS’s registration is granted by BIS for the products / Indian Standards ( IS ) which are under mandatory registration by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Products Covered under Compulsory Registration Scheme.

Products covered under CRS scheme can be accessed from the link below to BIS website:

Eligibility Criteria for the BIS CRS Registration.

There is no pre-requisite for obtaining a BIS CRS registration , just the product has to be as per Indian Standard and the application can be filed and the registration ca be obtained.

Forms Required for BIS CRS Registration

There is no specific form that has to be filed for obtaining CRS registration, the details have to be filed form the manufacturer’s portal in the form of an online form.

Documents Required ✔

The following documents are required for obtaining of CRS registration:

CRS Certification


Procedure for obtaining CRS registration is as below:

  • - Getting the product tested as per Indian Standard ( IS ) applicable on the product from BIS approved laboratory.
  • - Preparation of documents as per BIS guidelines
  • - Payment of the requisite fees as per the fee structure
  • - Filing of the online application.
  • - Clearing of queries on the application if any raised by the department.
  • - Grant of registration number

Validity→ Initially CRS registration is granted for 2 years and after that it can be renewed upto 5 years

Guidelines for E-Labelling of the products under the BIS CRS Registration Scheme

The requirements for e-labelling are as given below:

1. Devices utilizing e-labels shall have a physical label on the packaging of the product at the time of import, storage for sale and sale or distribution. For devices in bulk and not packaged individually, a removable adhesive label on the packaging is acceptable.

2. Devices shall not require any special accessory/tool or supplemental plug-in (e.g., the installation of a SIM/USIM card) to access the e-label.

3. The compliance related information shall be programmed by the responsible party and the information shall be secured in such a manner that third-party cannot modify it. The information can be in the firmware or software menu provided it is easily accessible and cannot be modified

4. Users shall be able to access the information without requiring special access codes or permissions and, in all cases the information shall be accessible in no more than four steps in a device’s menu.

5. Users shall be provided specific instructions on how to access the information. The instructions shall be included in the user’s manual, operating instructions, or as an insert in the package of the product, or other similar means.

6. Alternately, the instructions to access the information may be available on the product related website. The instructions on how to access the website shall be provided in the user’s manual or package of the product.

7. All the applicable regulatory information required on the packaging or user manual shall be provided according to the applicable rules even if it is displayed electronically.

8. If the primary user manual or user guide is provided by other electronic media (e.g., CD or online access) this information may also be provided as part of e-label.

9. The “Standard Mark” displayed electronically shall meet all the relevant requirements of the guidelines issued by BIS vide circular reference CMD 3/8:1/6975 dated 3 Dec 2015.

How will Sun ☼ Consultants help you?

From collection of documents to getting the final registration / licence is an exhaustive and tedious procedure, and requires technical know-how and experience, this is exactly where Sun Consultants and Engineers come into the picture.

With over 7 years of experience in this field and after providing assistance to numerous manufacturers and importers we can help you in smoothening of this process, by complete hand-holding solution, right from the beginning of the procedure to the grant of registration/licence.

Below is the scope of work of Sun Consultants & Engineers:

  • Preparation of documents as per BIS guidelines
  • Submission of application to the department.
  • Clearing the queries from BIS ( if any ).
  • Follow-up with the department for grant of licence.
  • Follow up with the test lab for releasing of the test reports as per IS


I. What is BIS?
BIS Stands for Bureau of Indian Standards which is a Government of India undertaking ( Under Ministry of Consumer Affairs ) which offers various product certification schemes on a wide range of products ranging from electronics , electrical products, chemicals, water and various other industrial and consumer products.
II. What is CRS
CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme of BIS under which various products are granted registrations as per the relevant Indian Standards
III. What is CRS in BIS registration under?
Same as above
IV. Is BIS registration mandatory?
It is mandatory on the products mentioned on the BIS website on the link below:
V. Objective of Bis
Objectives of BIS are as follows:
• To ensure that all consumers get high quality products
• To ensure safety of consumer using the product
• To demotivate production of low quality goods
• To prevent other nations to dump inferior quality goods in India
• To promote make in India
• With standard being implemented on the manufacturer’s products they will be aware of the quality standards that they have to follow to make world-class products.